This little nugget of hilarity is brought to you by lpswebkinzlover100 from youtube :P

Thank you!
I finished the sketch of the next episode today aaand posted it online. I dunno if anyone reads this blog, but here's that :P  Warning - spoilers ahoy. Albiet poorly drawn, context-less spoilers. But spoilers still.
Just posted a new casting call!

That's probably how you found this website, but shhh.

I can't wait for some auditions, I know how talented and just like...freaking amazing everyone out there is so this is really exciting for me!!
I wanted to make t-shirts again, and then I wanted somewhere to post the, and then I was like "how about a website" and then BLAM, a couple hours later I've made a sparkly new website complete with gratuitous use of the name of my show and my youtube account.  I figure, if I'm going to try to finish this series, I'm going to go full speed ahead and make a website with effort and all that fun stuff. Sooo, I hope this whole thing wasn't an awful idea annnnnd I want to say thank you for watching the show at all! Means the world to me!


    Tribbleofdoom, yo. I'll post updates on progress, tidbits on characters, feature fan art/fan videos should they come across, and probably engage in some sort of tomfoolery.


    July 2012