Just posted a new casting call!

That's probably how you found this website, but shhh.

I can't wait for some auditions, I know how talented and just like...freaking amazing everyone out there is so this is really exciting for me!!

Aww! I didn't have a YouTube account yet then! But I did email you it! I would just like die if I got to be a alpha in the new episodes or I heard of some pups that need actors. I understand if you already have actors and stuff. So... ya... Long Live Tribble!


I wish I could addition for a extra, but I don't have the software to do it. :(

Mazethewolf- Youtube account


I would like to addition for one of Lupis and Luna's pups,if they have any,I have an idea for one of their pups
name[u decide]
age[i want her to be the oldest,but its up to you]
apperence[all white with turqoise eyes,you can change it but thats what i'd prefer,i also wanted her to be an amazing hunter and fighter:]
personality:[ferce and brave,but has a loving and sensitive side]
other[I wanted her to fall in love with a Feather Farel,named Lightning,so that they can become alies and not hate eatch other.


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    Tribbleofdoom, yo. I'll post updates on progress, tidbits on characters, feature fan art/fan videos should they come across, and probably engage in some sort of tomfoolery.


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