This little nugget of hilarity is brought to you by lpswebkinzlover100 from youtube :P

Thank you!
8/7/2012 12:23:29

Little midnight faces XP

Safira the Lion
9/2/2012 02:55:30

OMG, I LOVE this!!! Rock is my favourite character; he's so hilarious. I can really imagine him doing this XD

9/9/2012 22:45:20

Huge fan, like i mean it.Rock is funny, poor guy he needs a girl, he is just trolling Luna XD. hey just a side comment, love cow of the wild i watch it over and over hoping the next day a new episode. I'm writing my own story too, its kinda hard but i like it. Dude dude your awsome!!!!!!!!! XD

9/18/2012 09:05:54

hey i was woundering when is part 2 of episode 23 going to be added because what i've seen so far i'd say its most likely not over

oh yah by the way cow of the wild.. it's interesting i'll give u that, but any ways ya.. im not trying to sound rude i just dont get along with ppl very good, anyways plz let me know and keep me posted you have my email so.. ya thats all


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